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Why it sucks to be a fish and look like one

In the Netherlands alone we catch over 4 billion fish every single year. This is almost 8 times more than the 640 million cows, chickens, lambs and pigs we slaughter. Still, the public debate is mostly focused on eating less meat and not per se about eating less fish, let alone about the well-being of fish. What causes this hypocrisy?

Four runners running in de Veluwe

This is What my First 80 km Run has Taught me about Social Entrepreneurship

I was already running for more than nine hours and I was close to finishing my first 80 kilometer ultra-run, but the finish line did not feel close at all. You might be already screaming to your screen right now like: ‘WHY on EARTH would you choose to do something like that?!’

Patagonia: this Social Enterprise shows Us How to Kick some Ass with Branding

The brand of Patagonia is just a great example of the enormous potential of storytelling for social enterprises. Pioneering with a radical believe system, this social enterprise shows us that profit & purpose can co-exist in a company AND that you can be proud of that.

Nature Trees Lap. Background

Wat is Sociale Impact? | Dutch

Je hebt het begrip vast wel eens voorbij zien komen: sociale impact. Maar wat betekent het? Waar komt de term vandaan en hoe kun je het meten? Vandaag de dag wordt het steeds vaker gebruikt en niet altijd op de juiste manier. Op deze pagina kun je alles lezen over sociale impact.